New Album by Garry Moore


Nominated for Two Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood!

"What You Come To Do" was nominated in 2 categories this year for music awards.

The awards ceremony took place at the famous Troubador in Los Angeles California April 24th 2017.

Independent artist from several countries and different genre's of music were all in attendance there for the big music event!  

Happening now...

The Music News...

The 2017 CD "Triumphant Vol 2"  is available online to Pre-order at

Bandcamp! It will also be on Itunes, Amazon, Cdbaby Google play, and all major digital mp3 stores worldwide! Release date is August 15th 2017. 

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This 15 track album has a variety of music styles. From up- tempo, to mid-tempo, to slow heartfelt Soul Pop Gospel ballads.

This CD is a must for the real music lover of GOOD music! 

Music for the Soul 

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